PNE Corp. was founded in 1989 with a vision to become the leader in construction, industrial and commercial electrical, industrial services, and environmental solutions in the Pacific Northwest. With headquarters in Longview, Washington, PNE now operates in national and international markets.

Our renewed vision is to become a global provider of customer solutions in our markets.

Our Success is based on:

Customer Focused Solutions: PNE Corp. and its Divisions value our customers and seek continuous innovative solutions.

Diversification: Through vertical and horizontal diversification, we have strengthened our financial platform, developed business strategies and created new entry ways for target markets.

Strategic Growth: PNE Corp. continually researches markets and develops opportunities for managed growth evaluating the risk and reward equation.

People: PNE Corp. teams are experienced professionals providing the newest innovative solutions for our customers whom are the foundation of our business success.

Asset Quality: PNE Corp. believes in a well capitalized, well maintained, well equipped fleet including an in-house maintenance and painting facility.

Ethical Behaviors: PNE Corp’s value system is the foundation of all of our business practices.  Our Team performs with the highest regard for ethics, integrity, respect, and honesty.

Looking Forward:

PNE Corporation and its Divisions are positioned for continued growth in target markets.

PNE recognizes our responsibilities to our customers, employees, as well as our local and global communities.

  • We will continue to strategically grow our business.
  • We will continue upward growth creating more innovative solutions for our clients.
  • We will continue our corporate responsibility by supporting our local community and embracing the global community sustainability practices.

We welcome the challenges of the future and embrace the opportunities to create solutions for our customers.