• Electrical Resistance Heating

    Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) technology provides complete, timely, “green” solutions to chlorinated solvent contaminated sites without rebound.  GRS brings effective project life cycle cost solutions to its clients...  Learn More.

  • Dry Cleaners

    GRS brings affordable ERH solutions to dry cleaner contaminated sites...  Learn More.

  • Air Movement Technologies

    GRS professional staff has over 20 years of experience in design/build air movement treatment systems; treatment system M&O; and pilot study work... Learn More.

  • Multi Contaminant / Difficult Sites

    GRS brings the full spectrum of remediation solutions to address multi contaminated; difficult sites with a one-stop solutions provider. Learn More.

  • Enhanced Bioremediation

    GRS brings bioremediation technologies; including recirculation and heat enhanced applications... Learn  More.