Global Remediation Solutions
Global Remediation Solutions (GRS) is an environmental technology and remediation group specializing in soil and groundwater clean-up. GRS’ capabilities cover emergency response, interim clean-up actions, and large site remediation.
As one of only four In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) providers in North America, GRS can successfully address the most difficult site conditions and recalcitrant contaminants.

GRS Chart

Our People:  Industry recognized leaders with extensive technology expertise and experience involving the remediation of complex contaminated sites.

Our Technologies:  In-Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR), enhanced bioremediation applications and traditional remedial options including air sparging (AS), dual-phase extraction (DPE), and soil vapor extraction (SVE).

Our Business Strength:  Well established financially sound parent company (PNE Corp.); industry leading safety record; extensive bonding capacity; internal construction support services; extensive project experience and an; in-house custom equipment manufacturing capabilities.

Our Vision:  Be the leading global provider of environmental remediation solutions.

Our Business Model:  Provide value-based customized solutions, target difficult-complex remediation projects, provide one stop multi-technology options, build long-term strategic partnership relationships, push technology boundaries; provide economically sound customer satisfying solutions.

Contact Us:  Please call (360) 423-2245 to discuss your specific project needs or visit our web site to use our quote request forms-for specific site evaluations.