GRS Remediation Team

The foundation of GRS’ remediation team is experienced environmental engineers, project managers, and field technicians.  That core is supported by journeymen electricians, power control and automation specialist, construction superintendents, waste management experts, and emergency response professionals.

GRS’ in-situ thermal remediation (ISTR) group is managed by Mr. Michael Dodson, who lead the business and engineering team that commercialized electrical resistance heating ERH) in the late 1990s.  Mr. Dodson has been involved with over 70 ERH projects across North America, including the East Gate Disposal Yard (EGDY) Project on the Fort Lewis Army Base in Tacoma, Washington.  The successful EGDY clean-up is the largest, most complex ERH project completed to date.

The professional engineer supervising ISTR design has experience on over 15 ERH sites throughout the United States.  ISTR system installations and operations are guided by a Senior Systems Operator who has managed over 20 ERH projects at sites across North America.

Design and engineering for more traditional remediation systems is supervised by Mr. Charles Swift.  With over 23 years of site evaluation and clean-up experience, he has designed and implemented hundreds of remedial systems throughout the Western United States and Canada.  His in-situ remediation expertise includes; soil vapor and multi-phase extractions, recirculation wells, air sparging, bioventing and slurping, chemical oxidation, and bioremediation.

GRS remediation design teams include; electricians, engineers, hydro geologists, biologists, and chemists experienced with planning and permitting, subsurface modeling, hydraulic control and vapor intrusion, as well as data collection, interpretation, and presentation.

GRS remediation system installation and operation teams include; engineers, geologists, and field technicians experienced with subsurface drilling and well installation, NAPL and groundwater extraction, vapor and steam recovery, steam condensers, vacuum blowers, vapor abatement technologies, and hot soil and groundwater sampling.

GRS programs for electrical design, system controls, and electrical safety are managed by the Electrical Division Manager of Advanced Electrical Technologies (AET).  Out current division manager has over 30 years of industrial power supply and process automation experience, holds Master Electrician certifications in multiple states, and is the electrical supervisor of PNE’s wind turbine and solar panel programs.

AET specializes in high voltage systems, industrial power-supply, and electrical control and automation.  With in-house access to over 30 industrial electricians, process control and automation specialists, experienced electrical design-build teams, and a full Underwriters Laboratory Approved 508A panel shop.  GRS has unparalleled electrical design, fabrication, and safety resources.