Emergency Response Water Treatment Trailer

Emergency_Mobile_Water_Treatment_SystemGlobal Remediation Solutions LLC (GRS) has completed the construction of the Emergency Mobile Water Treatment System (EMWTS) for the Clackamas River Water District (CRWD). The trailer system was built as per the specifications in the Formal ITB No. 115468 presented by the City of Portland, Oregon – Procurement Services.

The Emergency Mobile Water Treatment System was built to be a self sufficient closed unit that can be housed in a trailer to be pulled to any location to produce drinking water that meets the National Primary and Secondary Drinking Water regulations for organic, inorganic and microbial contaminants. This system was designed to draw from contaminated water sources and produce enough safe water to care for 10,000 or more people per day. The
responsiveness of the mobile on-site water purification unit ensures that clean water gets to those who need it and will compliment the existing Emergency Water Distribution Systems.

The design and equipment selection for the trailer system was provided to GRS. The main filtration units are the GE Home Springs Ultra Filters (UF) with pre-filters to remove sediments and particles down to 50 microns. The system was built with pumps and filters to provide 18 to 20 gallons per minute (GPM) for total flow through.

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