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Dry Cleaner Remediation (ERH) – White Paper

July 9th, 2013

Electrical Resistance Heating  Small Site RemediationDry Cleaner Remediation

Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) is an aggressive in situ remediation technology that can simultaneously remove chlorinated solvents from vadose and saturated soil. It can treat pools of dense nonaqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) found deep below the groundwater table and clean flowing aquifers. ERH systems have quickly cleaned acre sized source areas to depths of over 100-feet below grade. The technology is robust enough to return highly contaminated groundwater to drinking water quality.
Developed for US Department of Energy sites, a large ERH system applies high voltage utility-line power to electrodes placed in a grid pattern across an impacted site. As the subsurface resists this flow of electricity it is heated to the boiling point of water producing steam and contaminant vapors. These vapors are then collected just above the heated zone and treated.

Dry Cleaner Remediation

However, not all chlorinated hydrocarbon impacted properties are multi-acre Superfund sites. Many are former dry cleaner sites with small, but persistent, source areas.  They require Dry Cleaner Remediation.  Currently, no In Situ Thermal Remediation (ISTR) vendors configure their technologies specifically for the treatment of these dry cleaner remediation sites.

Global Remediation Solutions (GRS) is a national provider of ERH ISTR technology and services. We manufacture our own custom ERH equipment and can match it to any site configuration. We have developed a Small Sites Program specifically for the remediation of small chlorinated and fuel hydrocarbon source areas. Our program is based upon the following key concepts:

  • Competitive pricing based on a project life cycle costing.
  • Safe, green remediation technology providing no rebound.
  • Fast and complete remediation.  Clean-up goals met in months, with NFA letter 12 months later.
  • Mobile, customized compact ERH delivery systems requiring 440/480 electrical service.
  • Drilling and electrode designs and applications to maximize access, minimize cost, and provide full commercial use of properties during clean-up..

GRS would be happy to review any size project for the use of ERH for your Dry Cleaner Remediation.