Removal and Filter Pressing of Sludge from Acid Settling Tanks by IDS

IDS utilized its 125 cubic foot plate and frame press to remove liquids from acid tank sludge at a pulp facility in Southwest Washington.  During this seven day project, sludge from the bottom of two 200,000 gallon acid settling tanks were pumped and processed through IDS’s filter press.  The filter pressing produced an average of 120 tons per day of product at 45% solids.  The dewatering of the sludge reduces overall tons, significantly decreasing the cost of transportation and disposal to an approved disposal facility for IDS’s customer.

Industrial Dewatering Solutions (IDS) is a Pacific Northwest area provider of filtering and dewatering, dredging, centrifuge processing, on-site separation services, and sludge pumping based in Longview, Washington.  24-hour services and equipment include a dredge and 125 cubic foot plate and frame mobile press for  filter polishing liquid streams, product recovery from off-spec production, product recovery from waste streams, on-going process filtration supplementation projects, biosolids dewatering, lagoon, pond, and settling basin cleaning, sludge processing, and waste minimization and reduction.

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