Dewatering / Filtration Applications

 IDS is your partner for Innovative Solutions addressing your dewatering needs.dewatering

  • Filter Polishing of Production Liquid Streams:
    • Bulk Raw Material Stream
    • Product
    • Effluent
  • Product Recovery From Off-Spec Production
  • Product Recovery From Waste Streams
  • Provide Peak Period Filtration Services
  • On-Going Process Filtration Supplementation Projects
  • Cooling Tower Sludges
  • Tank Sludge Processing
  • Lagoon and Pond Cleaning
  • Sedimentation Structures
  • Turbidity Polishing
  • Waste Separation of Haz / Non-Haz Phases
  • Waste Minimization and Reduction
  • Environmental Site Water Processing
  • Construction Water Program Participation
  • Dredging Operations