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IDS Dewaters Biosolids from Bio Ponds with Centrifuge

July 9th, 2013

IDS dewatered biosolids from bio ponds utilizing centrifuge equipment at a Southwest Washington industrial facility.  Material was pumped off of the bottom of the ponds and fed into the centrifuge, allowing the liquids to separate from the solids using centrifugal forces.  The project removed 20 tons of biosolids per shift at a rate of 20% solids.  The dried biosolids were transported for disposal at an approved disposal facility.  The reduction in total material by IDS’s processes results in great savings in transportation and disposal costs to its customer.

Industrial Dewatering Solutions (IDS) is a Pacific Northwest area provider of filtering and dewatering, dredging, centrifuge processing, on-site separation services, and sludge pumping based in Longview, Washington.  24-hour services and equipment include a dredge and 125 cubic foot plate and frame mobile press for  filter polishing liquid streams, product recovery from off-spec production, product recovery from waste streams, on-going process filtration supplementation projects, biosolids dewatering, lagoon, pond, and settling basin cleaning, sludge processing, and waste minimization and reduction.