labor-force-men-workingPNE Labor Force is a division of PNE Corp; PNE has put together this division to create opportunities for Tribal members within the Tribe we are working for and also be able to pull from our data base other Tribal members that have worked on previous jobs to work on all new Tribal projects. If the Tribe does not have a TERO program set up or if they do we can also use it in conjunction with their TERO to help put Tribal members to work. On all Tribal jobs we hand out employment applications for Tribal members to fill out and apply what skills they have toward the given project.

All applicants are given an interview and will go through an on-site drug test. Once the drug testing is complete and they have passed we will provide a safety training class for them. At that point they will be given the opportunity to work for PNE or any of the subcontractor no-core employees that we have hired.